Benefits of Drinking Authentic Black Tea

Benefits of Drinking Authentic Black Tea

Black tea was brought to Europe in the sixteenth century and to America in the seventeenth. It was the primary genuine tea westerners attempted and the most expended tea in the world. Tea Association in the U.S.A. reports that in 2018. 83% of all expended tea was black. Each tea-producing nation in the world produces black tea—from Turkey to Vietnam, Kenya and England, Australia and Colombia.

The black tea is so generally famous, for what reason would we say we are continually discussing the advantages of green tea, occasionally referencing the black one? Is black tea healthy?

What is black tea?

Unlike green tea, black tea is oxidized. That means that the nutrient content is also different. However, unlike the common belief, black tea doesn’t need to be 100% oxidized, and some oolong teas can be oxidized more than black tea. Black tea contains thearubigins, theaflavins, flavonols and catechins.

Fresh tea leaves emaciated and then rolled, oxidized and dried up. Oxidation is the important step in making black tea because it transforms the nutrient content and gives color and flavour to the tea. There are other further steps that some producers include, like smoking over dissimilar wood.

Benefits of Drinking our Authentic Black Tea:

The legitimacy of a Yunnan black tea in one cup. A distinguished and elegant tea that will astonish your taste buds and add to your well-being.

  1. Black tea acts as an Energy Booster. Black tea contains more caffeine than in other tea types. So it is usually a good substitute for coffee. Black tea contains amino acid L-theanine, that mutually with caffeine, makes you feel less nervous than coffee. L-theanine has tranquiling properties and helps relaxation and better sleep.
  2. Black tea contains anti-cancer properties that help to fight against cancer. Research has shown that real tea, green or black tea, have great likelihood in dropping the risk and helping in treatments. Out of many types of cancer, along with the most researched ones in association to tea were ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, skin and colon cancer.

One study has reported that drinking more than two cups of black tea daily lowers the risk of ovarian cancer by 30%. The meta-analysis of studies concluded have said that “the consumption of black tea, which is rich in polyphenols, has been initiate to significantly lessen the risk of ovarian cancer,” so it is being superior even to the healthy green tea.

Black tea might also diminish the risk of skin cancer, and defend non-smoking women from lung cancer. Another research showed that having black tea reduces “colon cancer risk in both men and women.”

However, drinking very large amounts of tea has one of the side effects of suffering from pancreatic cancer.

  1. Studies have shown that black tea has anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory causes in people with Type 2 diabetes. Countries where black tea is frequently popular drinks have condensed rates of diabetes, proposing black tea may help in prevention as well.
  2. Black tea might help boost the immune system and perk up body’s reaction to bacteria and viruses. Flavonoid in black tea helps to reduce oxidative damage and keep cells healthy.
  3. Lower risk of heart diseases

Research has shown that having black tea may lower high blood pressure and    be useful in preventing heart attacks.

So we recommend that you have Black tea to boost your immune system, fight against cancer, diabetes and to lower the risk of heart attacks.

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